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NON-TOXIC OIL PAINTING!   (Great for plein air painting, travel etc.)

Ages: 18+
• How to paint with water-soluble oils (WSO)
• The benefits, such as:
o No-harmful solvents, clean brushes with water, travel and plein air paint without concern of where to buy toxic turpentine.
o No need to dispose hazardous rags and used solvents.
o Clean up is easy, just soap and water.
o Paintings ARE “Oil paintings”. No need to call them WSO paintings! They are accepted by Oil Painters of America in their shows.

• How to make your regular supply of oil paints “water-soluble!”
• The mediums (thinning, fast drying etc.) that are made specific for WSO painting.
• There is no difference in the look of WSO paintings or painting style, or drying time.

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Instructor:  Toska Courbron
Location:  Armory Learning Arts Center,1018 Madison Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104, Meets on the 2nd floor, elevator access available from the lobby.

Date:  July 20,  9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Fee: $75  (Paint and materials included.)

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